Closed Doors, Open Windows

This is a moment in my life when absolutely every door feels closed. Worse, I felt confident that I was onto some good things, but with a resounding crash, it has all fallen around my ears. Here is the dilemma: I understand that this is a time of life when new vistas may be opening up before me, and that I can’t see them at the moment. However, I feel like I have essentially been in this same place for years, and that my couple of directions of hope have led to dead ends, so really, are there going to be open windows? In the midst of pain and confusion, I want so much to believe in the next direction. The only real nugget of potential that I can see is that maybe these misadventures, too, will somehow have truly been part of the learning about what’s next, and that they weren’t dead ends after all. It’s just time to branch off now. This is what I will hope for, if not believe in, for the next few days as I puzzle out the future.


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