Simplicity in Relationship

My husband gave me a pamphlet on simplicity that he found in the Catholic center at work, since “Simplicity Now!” is our battle cry (although our actual battle tactics are closer to the disordered chaos of World War I trench warfare). The following passage particularly struck me:

Benedict believes deeply in the importance of community and the sanctity of relationships. Simplicity in relationships asks for generosity of spirit, respect for others, honesty, and a heart focused on harmony.

I had never really thought about simplicity as something that applied to relationships, but this has resonated deeply. I feel that so much of the ethos of the day is to “tell it like it is” and “speak your truth,” which I for one find almost always lands me somewhere I don’t want to be: sacrificing compassion for one-upmanship. Ever find out that you misjudged someone, and attributed impure motives to him/her wrongly? Yeah, me too. I’m not saying here to let people use and abuse you, but keeping that “heart focused on harmony” is surely the way to err on the Right side. I am planning to check in at least 10 times a day for a few days to see if my heart is in the right place.


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