Start to Finish

Yesterday, I achieved something. I prepared a Thanksgiving meal for 5 adults and 4 children. I made my own pumpkin pie and pecan pie, some iced pumpkin cookies, a 12-pound turkey, and assorted side dishes. I planned, shopped, planned some more, and executed the mission. I realized that I was super energetic today, ready to tackle anything, due to this accomplishment yesterday. It is all too rare for anything in my life to be a straightforward “project” that can be considered “completed” within one day. What a rush! Obviously, this is not the usual daily experience of a stay-at-home mom, which is why I always fantasize about becoming a checkout clerk, where each completed order would give me a little mental high-five. The take-away is that I need to have more days like yesterday within the blob that is my current life. I’m going to try to craft my days a little more along those lines, even if it’s all just my own little artificial construct.


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